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Elegant Crafted Wall Shelf - Swan

RM 45.00

SeniKraf Products

What’s the one thing that everyone needs in their house? A wall shelf of course!

Wall shelves are inevitable addition in each room of the home. They save space, displays things with he special meaning and value and in the same time they provide an efficient home organization.

Often, with shelves made out of wood you’d worry about it getting attacked by termites or just damaged with time – with the Elegant Crafted Wall Shelf be reassured that it will last long for it has anti-corrosion technology that guarantees its durability. 

The wall shelf with pegs has that special, rustic look, and it can be just the shelf you needed for the kitchen as a spice rack, mounted on a convenient place in the kitchen to keep spices organized and accessible for the cook. In the same time, the pegs will be just great to hang an oven gloves. Or this beautiful shelf can be installed in the bathroom, where you can put candles and hang towels, and of course, it will be just perfect for the children’s room where they can keep their pictures, special toys, and hang their hats and scarves.




Product Specifications

Elegant Crafted Wall Shelf
24X40X9.5 cm
0.5 Kg
PVC Wood
Souvenirs Display Rack, Decoration Items Display Rack
Wall Shelf X 1 Unit. Note: DIY to assemble & decoration items are not included.

1. Water proof & can be cleaned easily

2. High density & anti scratches

3. Flame redundancy

4. No surface painting & formaldehyde free

5. Eco friendly & saved more trees

6. Easy to assemble without any tools needed

The joining design of SeniKraf products are based on the perfect match of mortise and tenon. The mortise and tenon joint has been used for thousands of years by woodworkers around the world to join pieces of wood, mainly when the adjoining pieces connect at an angle of 90°. In its basic form it is both simple and strong. Although there are many joint variations, the basic mortise and tenon comprises two components: the mortise hole and the tenon tongue. The tenon, formed on the end of a member generally referred to as a rail, is inserted into a square or rectangular hole cut into the corresponding member. The tenon is cut to fit the mortise hole exactly and usually has shoulders that seat when the joint fully enters the mortise hole.
 6 months